Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Live classes, Live Virtual Classes and On Demand? What is right for me??

The "classes near you" are on location classes in a brick and mortar classroom. You get a printed workbook and up to 120 days access to a recording of the information. As with all of our classes you get a live coach  to help you whenever you need it. Just call or email.


A couple times a month we bring a camera with us and sit it at one of the desks. The "Live virtual classes" are a live video stream usually from one of our brick and mortar classes. There will be a chat box for you to ask questions just like anyone else in class. The printed workbook is shipped to your home so you’ll have the same materials as those in the classroom too. You get a total of 120 days access to the recorded information and as always the live coach as you prepare.


The On Demand class (coming soon for CAPA-CPAN, CRCST, and CST courses)  are a series of recorded videos with an online practice test after each session. Because it’s a 100% online environment you can begin immediately. It’s the exact same information as what we present live but there’s nothing printed and you have 60 days or 120 days to access AND complete the course (depending on the option you choose) to receive your certificate. You will receive access to download and print your own notes pages, be aware It is a large file (approx 113 pages).

Important - you must complete the course and evaluation within the specified time to receive your certificate and Contact Hours

You have to take the course in order the first time through but then, once you do that, you can go back and review wherever you like (basically you can go back but you can't skip ahead). Because there’s no materials to print and ship we can charge less.  Of course you still have access to a live coach  if you have any questions.

Virtual Classroom FAQ’s
What's a Virtual Classroom?

The virtual classroom is just like attending a live course. In fact you usually are attending a live class. We broadcast our webinar during one of our live classes. You’ll follow along with the presentation and see/hear the presenter just as if you were sitting in the classroom only you get to from the comfort of your home or office. The main difference is that we are usually recording the live class; therefore, we mute everyone’s microphones except the presenters of course. So when you want to ask a question or make a comment you’ll have to type into a chat box. Other than that it is exactly like being there.

What are the System Requirements?

We use “Fuze Meeting” for our webinars. They require a minimum download speed for 4 mbps, and minimum upload speed of 1 mbps.

We have found that many students have better success if they download and install the Fuze application on their laptop or desktop computers. You can download the application here.

Fuze has also developed apps for iOS and Android search your App Store for “Fuze” or click the link below.

ios appstore google play


What Software Do I Need?

We use “Fuze Meeting” for our webinars. They require a minimum download speed for 4 mbps, and minimum upload speed of 1 mbps.

You can watch a short video tutorial on installing fuze on your Mac here.

Fuze has also developed apps for iOS and Android search your App Store for “Fuze”

ios appstore google play


Do I need to login to this site to attend the Virtual Classroom?

No, Our Virtual Classrooms are held over a webinar system called “Fuze”. We have also begun to trial “GotoTraining” for some of our Webinars. A few days prior to the class you will receive an email at the address you used to register with details and links on how to join the meeting. You may want to test “Fuze” before the morning of class. If you would like to, contact us and we can help you. You can test your computer with “GoToTraining” here.

Site FAQ’s
How can I view or print my Receipt or CE Certificate?

Easy! click “My Account“. If you are not logged in the system will ask you to do so. Once you are logged in you can view and or print your receipt or CE Certificate from the links. You can also get to your account page anytime in the navigation menu at the top of all of our site’s pages.

How can I view the recordings from a live class?

We have begun to provide the recordings locally on this site. So this question is not as simple as most. If you attended a course before February 11th 2017, you should have received links to the recordings in your email. Those links will continue to work until they naturally expire after the original 2 month period.

If you attended your class on or after February 11th 2017, you will login to our site (using the email address you registered with as your username). You received a link to change your password when you registered if you have not reset you password and cannot find that email. just click “Lost your password?” in the login dialogue.

Once you’re logged in go to “My Account” (if your not already there) There you will find any Certificates for you to print or download, Registration details where you can view or print your receipt, and access to the recorded sessions and any other digital courses you may be registered in.

As always just email me if you are having any problems.

Our Courses FAQ’s
How can I have a class hosted at my facility?

There is no cost to your facility unless they would like to pay all or part of the registration fee for the attendees from your hospital.

We need a classroom to teach in that holds at least 30 people with a computer and projector. We need a minimum of 12 in class to cover our costs but the average class is usually between 25 and 40 people including participants from the surrounding areas. We take care of our own travel, the registration, printing, evaluations and CE certificates (if applicable). All we need is the classroom.

We consider ourselves  personal coaches to anyone who takes one of our classes and we make ourselves available to them for questions, discussion or refreshers until they take AND PASS the exam.

If this sounds close to what you were looking send me an email and we can work out the details.
I look forward to working with you!

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